Valentina Dolci, Health Coach
Valentina Dolci, Health Coach



Her name (Dolci = Sweet) is a reflection of her Nature and if you are interested in the benefits of good nutrition, mindful eating and holistic health, Valentina is definitely somebody you want to meet.

Some years ago her dad was diagnosticated with a rare form of cancer and Valentina changed her career path to study holistic nutrition and preventive health, becoming one of the first health coach in Italy and a pioneer of holistic health and wellbeing in Italy.

She believes in self-awareness, the power of mindful eating and living according to our natural bio-rythme respecting and knowing our bodies by coonecting to our essence.

She certainly is an inspiration on many levels, always working with passion, determination and professionalism and being strongly committed to educate people to eat well and prevent diseases.

I believe it is important to expand one’s consciousness in order to live an awake and aware life. Without this awareness we play less of an active role in how we live and how we create our lives and we can become passive. When we learn to become conscious beings, we are empowered to make positive and proactive choices.

In my personal experience, becoming conscious of nutrition and the food that I put into my body every day became my path to leading a more alive, present and healthy life. This has radically changed how truly alive I feel and how clear my mind is, and I am committed to helping people so that they to can experience this radiance”, she declares.

Valentina is becoming more and more successfull in what she’s doing , providing an excellent range of services you can find on her website.

The Dream Corner recommends you in particular her Autumn Equinox Detox getaway (21st to 24th September/Tuscany) when,  together with yoga teacher Estelle Nyabuhinja, she will guide you through a journey to your best possible health, preparing your body and mind for the changing season.

The program is based on teaching you how to eat and de-stress so that your body and mind can function the way they are designed to, giving you a sense of ongoing peace, joy and vitality.

This process will be accompanied by light flow yoga practice, breathing and meditation to encourage the disposal of toxins, the elasticity of the body, improving the levels of energy and

calming the mind.

Valentina will also teach the principals of healthy nutrition, explaining and providing guests with the recipes.

For more info click here.

Here’s what she said about herself during our interview:

What’s your name? Valentina Dolci

Where are you from? Milan

Where do you live? Milan

How old are you? 38

What are your talents? I am able to communicate and connect with people at a deep level; positive attitude and ability to make people smile, which is something I have achieved recently

What do you do for living? I am an health coach

What inspires you? Nature and all moments where I am in touch with myself like when I am meditating or with my spiritual guides.

What is your contribution to the world? Educate people to eat well and teach them to get in touch with their body, knowing that food is energy and it must be choosen with self-love and awareness

What is important to you? Live the present and reach my full potential living fully with people around me and be happy like that every day.

What is your biggest dream? Make accessible my message to as many people as possible




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