THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING VERSUS DOING: How mindfulness and breath work can help you cope with all circumstances and take you back to your center by altering your thinking in a positive way.

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Aloha dreamers,

today’s post is about is about the importance of BEING versus DOING.

This is a topic I often struggle with.

In our times it seems we always have to be incredibly performant and fast in order to keep up, achieve our goals, “fit” in our robotic society and measure our success.

My note books are filled with endless TO DO lists, we have to plan what we’re going TO DO on the next holiday, what TO DO on the week end, what TO DO as a profession, what TO DO if we are stuck in traffic or in a queue and we can’t go fast enough. 

Why are we all so obsessed with doing? Where have we lost our ability of staying still in the BEING? Observing Nature, sipping a tea for the pleasure of it without any distraction, being happy in the simplicity of being ALIVE and grateful for what we have instead of always looking forward, think to the next move, say that we are relaxing while instead we are “spying” what the rest of the world is DOING through the BIG EYE of social media?  We humans, are funny…

In the last two months I have been challenged to let go and surrender to all my attempts of DOING.

After the infinite joy of discovering to be pregnant again, I first had to deal with feeling so tired that the only activity I could do was walking from the bed to the sofa and back to the bed and sleep at every opportunity.

Standing in front of my computer was impossible as the light and the web were giving me strong  nausea. (yes, no jokes!). I cut off my connection with the world, my new iPhone passed away in water and soon after I had to deal with a threatened miscarriage, a pregnancy diagnosed as complicated and forbidden to practise all of my favourite activities.

Without knowing, life forced me to a new rhythm of letting myself “just” BE.

Be slow, be sleepy, be single tasking, be with myself and this time also be vulnerable, be sad and be with my fears.

It hasn’t been easy to surrender, to let go of my structure, to embrace so many worries and negative feelings (me, the queen of enthusiasm and optimism!) but in every situation, even the most challenging, there is always a bright side, something to be courious about and to discover and love.

Mindfulness is about learning to be

Mindfulness is about learning to be

Once again mindfulness lead me back to my center, the only place where, despite all possible circumstances, Infinite Intelligence, Infinite Being and Infinite Manifestation are possible. The place where BE is just BE: sitting on a sofa, watching your child playing, walking slowly in nature, taking deep breaths and experiencing air (see post mindful habits with the air your breath ), energy and light, closing your eyes and LET GO of everything else.

And when your are able to relax to that point, you suddenly realise that life move forward anyway, that it has her natural rhythm that unfolds breath after breath, that creation manifests constantly and at many different levels and forcing events or trying to hurry up doesn’t really serve us nor the world.

On the contrary, sitting in silence and clearing our minds is extremely productive and our brains are more open to inspiration, creativity and truth.

And as soon as I disciplined myself to go  back to my daily meditation practise and started to complement it with breath work exercises, Energy has shifted inside and around me for good, by taking me back to my center and altering  my thinking in a very positive way.

Here’s a very simple yet extremely powerful breath work exercise that you can try at any time or before starting your meditation practice.

Breathing Exercise: 20 connected breaths

Try this simple and powerful breath exercise before and after your meditation to rapidly increase your Energy level and release phisical and psycological tensions


I hope you enjoyed this post! I’d love to know what BE is about for you!

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With Simplicity and Truth,

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