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From a personal journey of struggle with confidence and body image issues to empowering others to find “True Self”

As a woman who struggled with my own vulnerability (read article) and as mother of a young girl and boy, I was inspired to create this project to raise awareness and communicate about self esteem, confidence and the gap between who we really are and the inner critic that arises when we look in the mirror/society and think there’s something wrong with us.

We spend so much time on Internet and social media, watching movies, reading magazines and I think it’s mandatory to stop for a moment and think about several aspects: 1) what kind of information are we (men and women) getting out of this context? 2)how is this shaping our reality seeing the key role media have in influencing us and our relationship with beauty and appearence? 3)what future I want for my children and their friends? 4) Aren’t media supposed to reflect us instead of us wanting to become a reflection of what we see in the media?

I want to inspire the youngest generations as much as everybody to become truly free and self expressed, confident , empowered to set new trends and aware of the central role we have to make this world a better place. 

This is a risky business: if we do not continue to raise awareness and open the communication with honesty, we’ll keep alive the chances to increase psychological damages, eating disorders, addictions, deep and long lasting unsatisfaction and other “for life” traumas.

I believe that it’s possible to inspire people in a new way, as well as educate and support all human being since a very young age about the relationship between beauty and confidence, strenght and inner power, so that we can look at the future as a place where everybody can truly accept and celebrate what we are given and access joy, fullfillment and self expression.

We are currently working on creating a series of events to teach self love and empower people to become more confident and free.

If you wish to be informed or get involved please follow Smash The Mirror page on Facebook and Instagram @Smashthemirrorofficial or get in touch with me.

I want to thank Katia Boustani , Sandra Garcia Martin-Montesdeoca and Ambivalently Yours for their encouragment, committment and incredible contribution.

Illustration from Ambivalently Yours

Illustration from Ambivalently Yours

Special thank you to Landmark Education ( for inspiring this project and reminding me the importantce of making a difference in people’s life.

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