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Aloha Healthy Hipsters,

New York Fashion Week just opened the doors to the latest trends we will become addicted to and I couldn’t find better moment to share with you my NY “SHOP AWARE” GUIDE. #healthyhipsters, #shopaware #shopawareinny

NYC is a MUST SEE and I love to travel there as much as possible.

Giacomo and I have been living there and we love cultivating the great friendship we have with the “American Family” (or so we call our group of friends)

I love getting inspired by the most creative and innovative minds that concentrate here and give to this city the incredibly vibrant energy we all know.

Since I think this is the world’s best place for SHOPPING I have created for you my SHOP AWARE in NY GUIDE.

I believe all change begin with choice and in our consumerist way of living it’s very important to start looking into what’s beyond what we buy and who we buy from.

Although there are still some dark clouds in the sky, trends are showing new innovative products and new healthier way of producing are being developed so this is where we want to focus our attention when we shop and give our money to.

Here you’ll find a list of 10  shops I have personally selected during my last trip to NYC to satisfy all your shopping envies and dreams while being aware of your choices and reward conscious business and visionaires business owners.

1) INSPIRATION: ABC CARPET & HOME, 888 Broadway, New York, NY 10003

Shop Aware in NY, A Shopping Guide by Pink Bubble

ABC it’s an oasis in the middle of a metropolitan jungle and by far my favorite shop in the world. Why? As more than a shop, it’s a doorway where beauty, creativity, art, education and spirituality convert to create the experience of commerce as a vehicle for insight and action to create a better world.

Here, you can find anything you wish to make your home a sacred space. All their merchandise is chosen upon high standard for social and environmental transformation, manifesting  a true shift in the retail paradigm the way we want to see it.

As you walk in you can experience a sence of peace and all your senses will be stimulated towards some magic.

By shopping there you can cultivate both a healthy home and a healthy planet: that’s the way to move forward!

No wonder why Deepak Chopra, one of the most influencial and enlightened spirits of out times, has created DeepakHomeBase in the heart of ABC. Check their website to know more about events and talks related.

Shop Aware in NY, A Shopping Guide by Pink Bubble

2) EMERGING DESIGNERS: SEA PORT STUDIOS, 19 Fulton St, New York, NY 10038.

Envisioned as a mix of fashion, art, food and beverage, Seaport Studios is a retail concept store that features upcoming designers rotating every two to three months.

Part of the biggest project of Seaport District by Howard Huges, Seaport Studios is meant to be a nod to the area’s history of maritime trading and it’s a place for designers, artists and ideas to emerge downtown.

Check their website to discover their latest news and designers

 3) YOGA: LULU LEMON MEATPACKING: 408 West 14th Street New York

I simply love this brand: its values are rooted in generating love and happiness for others and its ambassadeurs are selected to support and grow projects that contribute to social and environmental health, so I choosed it for a couple of new outfits to get back on my mat as soon as I am in London!

All lululemon locations hold events and classes that are unique to their neighbourhood, so chek their website here to find the closest to you .

4) FRAGRANCES: MIN NEW YORK, 117 Crosby St, New York.

Discover this beautiful atelier of Haute Parfumerie in the heart of Soho, curated by Chad Murawczyk and Mindy Yang. This expert duo have curated an true olfactory heaven since 1999, providing their refined customers with a incredible selection of niche products from all over the world. You’ll simply want to try them all and find your own fitted fragrance with the help of their expert staff: I guarantee you this is just what every man and women should smell like!

5) BEAUTY: CAP Beauty, 238 W 10th St, New York

In the heart of the West Village, my favorite area in Manhattan, I discovered this cave of treasures. The shop sells everything from cosmetics to feel good remedies, to superfoods with a selection of brands where natural means NATURAL. Finally a place where we can shop without worring since they’ve got our back covered!

Thumbs up for their concept and all the beautiful brands that are good for us and good for the planet!

Shop Aware in NY, A Shopping Guide by Pink Bubble

6) JEWELLERY: AURELIE BIDERMANN, 265, Lafayette Street, New York

I am a huge fun of this sophisticated, exuberant and joyful jewelry designer since I met her in her elegant studio in Paris years ago. I would wear everything from her collections: her universe is inspired by art, travel and tradition and her pieces are timeless, feminine and always playful. She seems to run her business effortlessly and her beautiful boutique in Soho is just one of her latest great achievements. Well done Aurelie!

Shop Aware in NY, A Shopping Guide by Pink Bubble

7) BOUTIQUE: BLUE & CREAM, 1 E 1st St, New York, NY 10003

Hip fashion boutique for men, women & even a little selection for kids, featuring upscale designer lines and home brand.

In this boutique you can get dressed from head to toes while putting together flawless outfits to rock your day or night.

I love their denim selection and rock & roll style…just the kind of boutique were my awareness gets numbed by way too many things I would want to buy! 🙂

Anyway, those guys know what they do when it comes to fashion’s picks, check out their online Styling session for some great inspiration

8) FUN: PATRICIA FIELD , 306 Bowery, New York, NY 10012

If you like to make a statement or add some fun and glitter to your closet check out this store, owned by the great fashion visionaire and costume designer Patricia Field. Her boutique has been a fashion landmark for almost 50 years and it’s a mecca for people who, like me, love dressing up with costumes and scout out-of-ordinary pieces.

Shop Aware in NY, A Shopping Guide by Pink Bubble


9) SNEAKERS: FLIGHT CLUB 812 Broadway, New York

One of the products I am always very excited to look at while in NY are sneakers: you can find a shop in every corner and the options are often different than in Europe.

I recommend Fight Club, a bustling retail (& consignment) store where besides the most popular styles you’ll be able to grasp some of the most rare and limited edition.

10)FURNITURE & DECOR: BDDW, 5 Crosby Street, New York

A beautiful, chic and original showcase of handcrafted, rustic-meets-modern hardwood furniture & timeless décor.

All is made and crafted in Philadelphia, designed by the company founder Tyler Hays who is a painter and sculptor and also a talented engeneer.

Shop Aware in NY, A Shopping Guide by Pink Bubble

Now, beside my guide there are still a few things are worthed mentioning:


BEST RESTAURANT: CHEF’S CLUB 275 Mulberry Street, New York (JUST GO!)

BEST EXHIBITIONS: Albert Oehlen and  Sarah Charlesworth at New Museum, 235 Bowery, New York

Albert Oehlen @ New Museum NY, Shop Aware in NY, A Shopping Guide by Pink Bubble

BEST DAY OUT: Whithney Museum, 99 Gansevoort Street and High Line

This is it for now, I wish you lots of fun in discovering those places and taking all the inspiration you need to fullfill your not only consumeristic dreams!

With Love from NY,

Pink Bubble

Shop Aware in NY Guide by Pink Bubble






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