Appetite for Seduction: How to combine Romance and Food with Shani Delamor,



Appetite for Seduction: How to combine Romance and Food with Shani Delamor,

Aloha Lovers & Dreamers,

I am so pleased to share with you a new interview straight from my last trip to NY, where I had the pleasure to spend time with my dear friend, big dreamer and successfull entrepreneur Shani Delamor.

When I met her some years ago she was just starting her business “Appetite for Seduction”: cooking classes tailored for couples where she teaches how to combine romance and food.

Shani is awsome: she’s FUN, independent, loving, open minded, curious, she’s a fantastic friend and a strong, powerful woman.

One of the main reasons I found her so inspiring is her insatiable passion for cooking, and particularly how she has been able to translate it into the art of teaching LOVE through FOOD.

Being a very serious professional and a food fanatic, Shani has worked for many years managing restaurants and working in the field of food and beverage.

One day she had the courage to take her passions a few steps forward.

With the help of her friend and coach John Dapolito she ended up discovering that her bliss is expressing her sense of romantic love through cooking.

Inspired and supported by her mexican husband Joel (also known as “Professeur Malowey”) she soon created “Appetite for Seduction”, the most sensual cooking lesson of all Manhattan.

Appetite for Seduction: How to combine Romance and Food with Shani Delamor,

During those original and entertaining dinner party Shani teaches to her guests about the 5 senses , how they are connected to foods, what food are sexy and can effect your body and libido and, most importantly, how to use them to seduce your partner while cooking and add sensuality to your most special meals together.

During the evening, couples get the opportunity to share about their love stories.

They can choose a recipe among 4 menus (From France with Love, Mucho Mexicano, Insatiable Italian and Boozy Brunch) and start practicing and sharing their cooking skills.

With sense of humor and fun, secret aphrodisiacs that Shani and Joel master incredibly well, guests end up pushing their boundaries and sharing their food fantasies before leaving their cooking station!

Appetite for Seduction

Now, let’s discover what she said about herself during our interview:

What’s your name? Shani Delamor

Where are you from? Southern California

Where do you live? East Village in New York

How old are you? 45

What are your talents? I am a good friend, I’m good at entertaining people and making them feel themselves and I am very good at cooking!

What do you do for living? I teach romantic sensual cooking classes

What inspires you? Astrology, music, other entrepreneurs, everything NEW (I am a taurus and my drive is trying new things), technology, my friends

What is your contribution to the world? I think one of the most difficult things in a relationship is keeping it spicy and juicy all the time. My contribution is to make food the vehicle which connects you with your sweetie, while finding new ways to seduce each other around the table.

What is important to you? My Family and my friends: to be able to be present for them and make them proud; it is also very important to connect with my inner soul to feel balanced in my life and keep my spiritual practice going to work on manifesting things…when they happen I love thinking we’re kind of magic!

What is your Food fantasy? My food fantasy is to be in a beautiful jungle somewhere like Costa Rica. I see myself walking in this jungle while people start to appear and offer incredibly fresh food and drinks…like different stations with fresh fish,  tuna tartar, sushi, mini tacos, spicy food…of course Joel is with me…at the end of the path I see a giant table with sweet tropical fruits…right after beautiful waterfalls so we would just take off our clothes and jump in!

What is your biggest dream? Let’s put it in a Pink Bubble! I believe in the connection romance and food so my dream is to reach as many people as possible and inspire them to look at every meal in a romantic way. I actually would love to create a business worlwide where I can teach to as many people as possible this relationship and spread the Love through (and for) Food. 

And so may Life bring you everything your heart wishes Shani!

I couldn’t imagine of a more original and exciting way to light the sparkle with your partner and learning something new: fun and excitement guaranteed!

If you wish to try her classes (and believe me you should!) The Dream Corner and Appetite for Seduction offer you 50$ OFF on every booking until November 1st 2015 by using the code DREAM50 into her website

Thank you for reading this article and please don’t be shy, I’d love to hear about your Love for Food and your Food Fantasies so let’s make it a FUN comment box!

With Love and Inspiration,

Pink Bubble



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  1. Sue Nicholson

    My darling daughter, I am so proud of you! I remember at 3 you put your hand on the electric burner and got third degree burns on your tiny hand–it never stopped you! You always thrived in the kitchen with me, Grandma Graveel & Nana Castaldi. Oh the things you made and were eager to taste! You have opened up my taste buds everytime I come to NY!! I love your ZEST for life, and what you have taught me.❤️Mom

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