Welcome to the Dream Corner: a Conscious Lifestyle Magazine + Pop-Up Events

The Dream Corner is a Conscious Lifestyle Magazine addressed to those seeking to live a more conscious lifestyle whilst supporting creative and sustainable businesses, expanding minds and developing well-being.

TDC mission is to create a community of forward thinkers, creative persons and open-minded spirits who believe in the unique opportunity of contributing towards each other by living-out our dreams, being authentic and respecting the planet.

TDC was founded in 2014 by Federica Ferro as a self-expression project, based around her favourite topics: awareness, personal growth, self-empowerment, meditation,  travel, art, fashion and everything inspiring!

From time to time TDC Pop Ups in London and around the globe to create one of a kind events promoting people, objects and ideas curated with love by Federica.



Breath & Life Coach, Founder of The Dream Corner

Federica is a north Italian soul who always loved to Dream Big! At a young age she left Mollia, a beautiful mountain village on the Alps, to globe-trott, experiencing the attraction and excitement of city-life, culture and social platforms. She graduated in Milan from the University of Modern Languages in Communication and PR. She then started her career in Paris and N.Y., where she spent 9 years working in the fashion and photography industry for Italian Vogue, Michele Filomeno and Jed Root, two of the most renowned photographer agencies at that time. In 2011 she took a sabbatical year to explore her creativity and moved to Ibiza, where she met the Love her Life.
In 2012 she moved to London where she currently lives with her husband and 2 children and dedicated her life to Conscious Living, Healing and Coaching through Conscious Breathing.

In 2014 she founded TDC and Smash The Mirror, a movement to empower people through Self-Love and Self-Acceptance.

At present Federica is a certified Breath Coach at Rebirthing International and is committed to keep on Dreaming Big and inspiring others to make their Dreams come true.



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