The most important muscle to keep fit is your own mind



Wherever you are in life it's absolutely perfect, Pink Bubble


Aloha Dreamers,

it’s been a very long while, I know, and no excuses.

I have been really missing this space even though I must admit I’ve have been almost doubting about my come back.

Life has just been taking over between my pregnancy, family work, moving and settling everybody into a new house.

Not to mention all the worries related to big changes like: having children, living in such an expensive city, how to build our future…

All I’ve been building so far seemed just lost and the momentum gone forever. Can you relate to those feeling of frustration and fears ?

How many times new circumstances arise and we found ourselves unable to cope with the needs that a different context requires us to meet?

In this article I will share the tips I have been using to turn my break down into a new life opportunity and the 3 things I’ve discovered from it.

Let’s be honest, being in break down for a long time really sucks.

The trick I used to slowly get my energy levels back it’s been first of all putting things into prospective.

When you start to look at your situation from another angle it’s easier to let go of whatever you’re holding on to and most of the time you’ll be able to realize that you may just need to re-plan your time ahead according to new cicumstances.

Nothing was gone, it was simply in stand by for a few months. No need to make a big drama, right? After all, Rome wasn’t built in a day.

During this time, I have been practising what I shared in one of my last posts ( and must admit that it felt really great.

Once for all I surrendered to the present moment, I stopped to torture myself about what should I DO in order to BE, I practised BEING myself with awareness and eventually ended up to the most incredible reslut: ENJOYING MY LIFE as I haven’t been doing for long.

In my case this meant being 100% focused on respecting my body, taking care of my family and organize our new nest for the time to come.

5 tips to turn a break down into a life opportunity. Read full article here

Self Empowerment

A long break down suddently turned into a great life opportunity where I have been able to appreciate things I was giving for granted: the miracle of life while while I am growing a new life into my body; the beauty of being a non-working mum, able to be present for my daughter and her needs at all times, to see her blossoming and growing every day without missing a smile and receive her inconditional love in so many indescribable and surprising ways; the love and appreciation I nurture for my husband since the day we met; the freedom I have to enjoy what’s given to me every day.

What I have discovered during this time is that:

  1. Wherever you are at in life, it’s absolutely perfect. It doesn’t matter how much you’re striving to go to the next level, you’re comparing yourself to others or you wish to live their lives. YOU ARE YOU and there is no other way you should be. You have been manifesting and creating your present as a result of thoughts and actions that lead you exactly here, now. The best you can do is treasure this experience and appreciate all the beauty of it as you are a wonderful, powerful and unique individual. This is a fact no matter what you think about yourself, therefore be present to the choice you are given of embracing this power to enjoy your life, rather than be miserable.
  2. There is no way to go, you are the way. The most important place where you need to be is in your center, always. Be focused on who you are, alert to what’s happening around you but  always authentic to yourself. Nobody other than you can know what’s really important. Nobody else than you can know the answers. Be present to your values, your committments and the responsabilities you are willing to take to live a life you love, then stick to them no matter what. It takes discipline to stay centered and sometimes it’s good to be shaken by the wind but if your roots are not deep in the ground, your journey will be empty and meaningless.
  3. The most important muscle you need to keep fit is your own mind. Without a clear mind life is a struggle and a fight, no question. Take the time to clean your thoughts as much as you do with your own body. My favorite techniques are breath work, meditation, work with affirmations, chakra clearing, creative visualization and reading books related to those topics (my last favorite discovery is “Chakra Clearing” by Doreen Virtue).

I hope you’ve found this article useful and I’d really love to hear back from my community so please please please don’t be shy and leave me a comment!

With Love,

Pink Bubble


There is no way to go, you are the way, Pink Bubble - Read full article on





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