How to Thrive through stress


This year the attention of Mental Health Week has been focused on one of the most discussed topics of our time: what is stress and how it can affect our mental health and overall wellbeing.

I was very honoured to represent Global Breathing Awareness as a guest speaker for such an important cause.

The event, hosted by Pauze UK, was a charity happening held on one of my favourite London locations. 42 Acres.

The event was extremely successful and it underlined why ‘rebirthing’ breathwork is a highly recommended practice to live a life stress-free.

STRESS is our physical, mental and emotional  state when we experience PRESSURE or TENSION in some way.

We could define stress as the opposite of RELAXATION.

Everyone has a different experience of what stress is and we’re triggered by different factors, people and situations.  However, for all of us, stress is a state of REACTION deeply connected to some negative emotions that represent a wound we need to heal or something important we need to address.

In fact, when we allow ourselves to dig deeper into our mind, we can discover that stress starts with a negative or limiting beliefs and manifests into our body through a painful or unpleasurable sensation.

Stress is an ongoing conversation with ourselves that usually manifests through racing thoughts. It takes us from our past to our future, making us lose the connection with the present moment, feeling anxious and overwhelmed.

All those symptoms are related to suppressed or unresolved emotions that most commonly come down to feelings of Unworthiness, Fear, Shame, Doubt, Guilt.

It is then incredibly important for us to transform what we hold within: reconditioning our body to new emotions of Love, Gratitude, Trust, Compassion, Confidence, Self-Respect, and empowering our mind through positive thinking and the use of related affirmations.


In my personal journey, Breath Mastery has become my no.1 ally to deal with all the challenges I experience in life. Stress is definitely one that we can all relate to!


Perhaps people don’t think about it when it comes to breathing as it is normally considered an autonomic function of the body.

However, when we start to bring our awareness into the way we breathe, this becomes an excellent tool for self-knowledge and self-development.


Rebirthing Breathwork is a deep transformational technique that allow people who experience it  to become free from conditioning, negative believes and traumas, heal the emotional mind and connect with their Higher Self, God or Infinite Truth.

This method is based on circular breathing, which means without pausing between inhale and exhale, and it’s usually and mostly made through the nose.

While starting to breath this way, the breather begins an inner journey through different layers of consciousness (moving from conscious to subconscious mind) and creates an energy flow inside the body which enables him to release physical symptoms, pain and stuck negative emotions that are stored in the cellular memory of the physical body.

While the symptoms are released and the emotions are integrated, the breather goes deeper and deeper, until he reaches the superconscious mind, the place inside ourselves where we can truly experience states of bliss, clarity, understanding, creativity and profound spiritual experiences that will ultimately affect and transform the way we perceive life and make the most important decisions.


So because of its Nature, Rebirthing breathwork is greatly healing on all levels – physical, spiritual, psychological and emotional – and combined with affirmative thinking and other creative techniques, it is a highly recommended practice to live a life stress free, as you can learn to use it at any time you are under pressure.

A Conscious Deep breath is a tool you always have within you and can help you stay in the present moment and step out of the negative charge from suppressed feelings and emotions you’re carrying with you.

The benefits of bringing Breath Awareness in one’s life are endless.

In the context of stress the most important ones are the following:

-It teaches you to become aware of your thoughts and understand your thinking process.

-it helps you integrating affirmations and positive believes so that you can train your mind to be at your service and perform better.

-It’s the connection between your Body, your Mind and your Spirit.

-It teaches you to enjoy all your emotions

-It allows you to feel the energy of the universe, chi or prana pulsate through your body.

-It allows you to integrate past beliefs, feelings and thoughts that limit your progress in life.

-It facilitates a shift in your consciousness

It detoxifies your body.

-It rejuvenates your organs and cells.

-It helps you to become the Master of your Life.


Taking steps to look after your wellbeing can help you deal with pressure, and reduce the impact that stress has on your life.

When we become overwhelmed it is very easy to disregard daily rituals such as moving, eating well, stopping to centre your breathing or simply just taking some time out to ‘be’ – but this is precisely the time when these rituals are of the utmost importance to empower yourself with self-love.


Affirmations for stress:

I now relax and trust

I was born for this

I am more than enough

I am unique and valuable

Joy and happiness are my birth right

I can figure it out one step at the ime

It is safe to feel

I have nothing to fear


Federica Ferro

Breathing Coach GBA


Peace from within - Global Breathing awareness - How to thrive through stress


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