Party FAM Lisbon Edition 22nd September 2018


Is the party scene turning towards holistic experiences for the next generation of ravers?

Christina Andersen, participated to their first Lisbon edition and shares her experience with us!

Article by Christina Andersen, FAM ambassador & Free Lance Editor @ TDC

FAM was first born in 2016 in London – its acronym stands for Food, Art and Music. The concept is a little like what the quote ‘United we stand, divided we fall’ tries to send as a message.

But more than that, F.A.M. ’s concept is a way of having fun that goes beyond the typical ‘party’.

All senses, hearing, taste, sight, smell and touch are involved – it is a magical way of having fun! Each event is different, as its skin adapts itself to the environment or the period of the year, with the next edition coming up for Halloween! The crowd is carefully curated, making sure that everyone benefits from one another on all levels. Today, it has grown into a bigger community, with bigger venues and bigger dreams!

For the first edition overseas, on the 22nd of September, FAM decided to explore new horizons: the beachside in Lisbon. Expectations turned into a reality, combining friends, food, art and music in one of the most beautiful settings in Portugal. 

The event took place at Praia da Bolina – Yamba, a holistic beach offering fresh, local, organic cuisine and cocktails where live bands and DJs tune in when the sun sets down. The lineup consisted in 10 different DJs, playing B2B or solo, from sunset to sunrise with a few names making their way up the ladder such as William Noble, Just Ellie and Cristina Lazic. The music travelled people’s minds and souls, giving them the ability to bond with the surrounding environment, the sun, the sea and the beach. 

FAM Lisbon Edition 2018

Lorenzo Lagana aka Laga Kan and Felipe Steiner playing during sunset

Talented artists were also selected for the Lisboa edition. They were picked because they embrace FAM’s philosophy “Personal evolution hail from travel, feel different places, solve problems and cooperate with new people, know different ways to approach life to create our own road to happiness” as Antonio Zuiani from Italy expressed. Hernan Pitto Bellocchio from Santiago de Chile and Pedro Andrade Nunes from Brazil and Portugal also exhibited their artwork during the event, as FAM’s primary intention is to promote the work of emerging artists, in fact all artworks are on SALE! 

FAM Lisbon edition, Praia de Bolina

one of Pedro Andrade Nunes’ masterpieces at Yamba

With a total of 140 people attending, you could expect to meet people from all over Europe – and beyond. A perfect melting pot! The atmosphere was electric, everyone sharing the same values in the same place, at the very same time. 

Finally, the late birds were able to witness the most beautiful moonset at 05:35am. It was spectacular, the perfect end to a perfect day – FAM’s mission was once again accomplished.

For the upcoming Halloween edition, FAM will be ready to greet you at Loft Studios, London on Friday 26th October from 8h30 pm until late. For the ones wanting to use all of their five senses, the event will start with a private seated candlelight dinner with a private chef for a limited capacity of 40 guests. Another three artists will expose their artwork and DJs will guide you throughout the night. Make sure you wear your scariest costume! 

Tickets are almost sold out and can be found here

For more information, please contact:

  • Francesca d’Amico (Founder)  or
  • Christina Andersen (Ambassador)





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