Denim Jacket with golden fringes, Mestieri-Lab
Embroidered Denim Vest, Mestieri Lab
Upcycled Denim Short with Fluo Fringes by Mestieri-Lab



Hello Dreamers,

Welcome back to the interview corner!

Today I have the pleasure to introduce you to Marina Tonella: counsellor, artist and co-founder of Mestieri-Lab a sustainable alternative to fast fashion and a more practical solution to design.

Marina is a very inspiring woman, one of the most original people I’ve ever known and also one of my closest friends.

Marina Tonella, Counsellor, Artist and Co-founder of Mestieri-Lab


Our paths started to cross when we were still teen agers and she would stand out from everybody else thanks to her home-made ballerina-punk outfits combined with a pure badass attitude: it was love at first side!

As we started to grow, we shared the best and worst moments of our life, important friendships, holidays and a career in fashion, where she has been working for 17 years managing creative teams to develop and deliver high quality products.

During those years the industry turned increasingly into“fast fashion”, forcing production processes in order to get new trends to the market as quickly and cheaply as possible. As a result of this trend, the life of the product has become as short as its price, flattening the offer and making a huge negative impact on the planet.

While adopting a more conscious lifestyle and being engaged into a training to become a professional counsellor, Marina and her partner Vladimiro Baldin, were inspired to create their own model of sustainable fashion, design and lifestyle using their talents and experience to explore dexterity in new ways.

Mestieri-Lab  is an oasis for inspiration and modern living in the countryside near Padova.

Marina has spent the last 2 years renovating their house with particular attention to natural and recycled materials, with the aim of creating a functional ambient that reflects her personality.

Mestieri-Lab, House detail

Mestieri-Lab, House details

In her Laboratory she receives her clients and organises workshops to heal and empower people to live a better life.

Close to the house she has created the most beautiful vegetable garden and little farm with chickens that gives her and her family not only the most delicious products but also a great and healthy way of releasing stress after work.

Marina Tonella in her Vegetable Garden. Mestieri-Lab

When her creative side urge to express itsellf, she gives new life to objets, vintage fabrics or clothes producing inspired and unique customised pieces that you can find for sale on Esty and in our curated pop-up shops.

Custom Made pillow limited edition by Mestieri-Lab

Custom Made pillow limited edition by Mestieri-Lab

As this wasn’t enough, she keeps an eye on trends and young generations consulting for Isko.

“I want it all” seems to be her motto, yet, what’s most important for her is to live in integrity with her values and in harmony with the community, therefore simplicity is the secret ingredient to her happiness.

Marina Tonella, Founder of Mestieri-Lab , in her house in Padova

Here’s what she says about herself:

What’s your name? Marina Tonella

Where are you from? Coggiola (Biella), Italy

Where do you live?  In my Farm in Padova

How old are you? 40

What are your talents? Creativity

What do you do for living? I am Project Manager for i-Skool, an educational program powered by Isko, a turkish company leader in denim production; I am also a Bio-Gestalt Counsellor but at the moment my heart is on Mestieri-Lab, as I am producing a special edition inspired by my vegetable garden (Farm Rock) mixing workwear and fringes.

What inspires you? Nature, as when I stay in touch with the elements I get in touch with my creativity. Then Antiques, Flea Market and Vintage shops as I am always looking for objects with a story that I can transform with my own crafts into something special and unique. I love to give a new life to everything! I also get inspired by all sorts of decorations, embellishment, glitter, colours, threads and little things I can use to play with as this puts me in touch with my inner child and gives me a profound sense of happiness.

What is your contribution to the world? Creativity for a better Life. I strongly believe that if we are able to awake this resource we can use it to adapt in a creative way to our reality, allowing us to be more flexible, adaptable and relaxed in life. The more creative I feel the better I feel. 

What is most important for you? To feel good and in balance

What is your biggest dream? Combining the creative work I do for Mestieri-Lab with counselling and lead workshops that enable people to awaken their creativity while learning the authenticity of artisanal work and crafts.

If you were an Elf what would be your name?  Love through the Splendor of Light





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